Dark Boot

Make your Macs boot and login screens pop

Dark Boot gives you control over how your mac looks from the lock screen and when starting up. There are tons of options for customization so your mac can look just the way you want it to. Dark Boot is designed to make theming the Boot Screen, Login Screen and Lock Screen easy and robust on macOS 10.9 and up.

There are many ways to configure Dark Boot as you wish. Give it a go and find out!



  • 1. Download the latest release of Dark Boot
  • 2. Open the downloaded zip file
  • 3. Open Dark Boot
  • 4. Allow Dark Boot to move itself to the Applications folder
  • 5. Disable System Integrity Protection
  • 7. Start theming your boot and login screens



• New ⁃ More information on all tabs ⁃ Customizable lock screen image ⁃ Customizable lock screen message text size ⁃ Animated lock screen image ⁃ Boot color preview ⁃ Applying is now individual per tab ⁃ Added an apply all tab button

• Fixed ⁃ Issue where login image would not save

• Separated lock screen and login screen tabs • Updated UI • Bug fixes


• Dev-mate integration • Bug fixes


• Fix a crash on launch • Fix default login image not working properly • Bug fixes


• User interface adjustment • Bug fixes


• New option to customize the login image • New user interface • New icon • No longer requires System Integrity Protection to be off • Reduced application size • Bug fixes


• Bug fixes


• Fixed updater


• New method for editing boot color • Boot color can new be any color • New option to edit boot image • Sparkle updates


• Update El Capitan rootless information • Verified compatibility with 10.9 • Recreated launch agent • Fix AppleScript issue with launch agent • Miscellaneous improvements


• Option to cancel password dialog • Increase update check interval • Improve rootless check for 10.11 • Fix issue where application would fail to open


• Fixed Dark Boot thinking older OS X were using rootless


• Support for El Capitan (OS X 10.11)


• Fixed login agent not using sudo


• Fixed Dark Boot Agent not working properly • Slightly faster startup


• Automatic updates • Support for adding future localizations • Fixed Dark Boot failing to launch in some cases • Fixed Dark Boot failing to apply in some cases • Fixed Dark Boot not properly cleaning up • Dark Boot Agent is now a script • Dark Boot Agent will not require password • Updated credits


- cDock requires macOS 10.10 and above

- Licenses are 2 uses each, 1 use per computer

- cDock requires System Integrity Protection be disabled on 10.14 and above

- cDock has a 2 week free trial

- Refunds are through paddle

- cDock uses the injection framework from mySIMBL


- Hide applications from showing

- Dock pinning


- 3D dock

- Trash badge

- Add / Remove spacer tiles

- Add / Remove recents folder

- Add / Remove iCloud Drive icon

- Add / Remove Airdrop icon

- Force dark menus

- Remove the Trash and / or the Finder icon

- Instantly show Desktop previews in Mission Control

- Hide installed / updated dot from Launchpad

- Adjust Launchpad rows / columns

- Edit basic Dock settings

- And much more...