Make your boot and login screens pop!

BootBuddy gives you control over how your mac looks from the login screen and when starting up. There are tons of options for customization so your mac can look just the way you want it to. 

BootBuddy is designed to make theming the Boot Screen, Login Screen and setting some boot options easy and robust on macOS 10.14 and up.There are many ways to configure BootBuddy so give it a go and find out!

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System Requirements:

macOS 10.14 and higher



Latest Version:

1.0.1, Jan 8, 2021


BootBuddy has all the awesome features below and much more...

Boot Screen

  • Set any custom boot color

Login Screen

  • Set custom login screen images

Boot Options

  • Easily control boot options
  • Recovery mode, Verbose, Safe mode, Single User, Boot sound, Auto Boot, Camshell 

Open Source

  • View the source on GitHub
  • Contributions welcome