The only Icon theming app for Big Sur and Monterey!

IconChamp lets you change icons on macOS quickly and easily. Setting a new icon is as easy as drag, drop and apply. You can customize individual icons or create themes which let you quickly apply a set of icons all at once.

IconChamp differentiates itself from other Icon theming apps because it's the only app on the market that lets you theme system items on Big Sur and Monterey. It also lets you theme System Items while keeping System Integrity Protection enabled.

IconChamp can keep your app icons updated after system or app updates so icons are set it and forget it.

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System Requirements:

macOS 11.0 and newer


Free + IAP

Latest Version:

1.0.1, Nov 7, 2021


IconChamp has all the awesome features below and much more...

Stupid Simple

  • All theming is done with drag and drop
  • Accepts all standard image file types


  • Customized app icons are automatically re-themed when an app update is detected or the system updates

Fast & Lightwieght

  • Theming is quick, even when applying large themes


  • Doesn't require turning off security features
  • All modifications are easily reversable


  • The only icon theming app to fully support Big Sur & Monterey
  • Designed to fit in with system apps