Downright amazing plugin manager for macOS.

MacForge lets you discover and manage awesome plugins to enhance your macOS experience. There are dozens of plugins to discover and you can even create your own.

The selection of plugins offered through MacForge is always expanding so give it a try and find out what you've been missing!

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MacForge has all the awesome features below and much more...


  • Easily find the best current plugins
  • Get your plugin or app noticed


  • Browse dozens of existing bundles
  • Constantly expanding bundle library


  • Easily manage installed plugins
  • Control which plugins gets loaded


  • Automatically keep bundles updated
  • Update all bundles with one click


  • Plugins can host their preferences right inside MacForge

Open Source

  • View the source on GitHub
  • Contributions welcome
  • Important
    MacForge requires SIP remain off in order for plugin injection to function
    If you wish you can still run partial SIP protection using the following command
    csrutil enable --without debug –without fs

  • New UI design
  • New MacForge can now host a UI for plugin settings @jslegendre
  • New Moved about view and preferences to new window
  • New Mousecape .cape support
  • New Discover view support for banner images

  • Improved Major code clean / Organization
  • Improved macforge:// links now just use the bundleID
  • Improved Improvements made to injector
  • Improved Search bar in sidebar replaces search in discover view
  • Improved Hide perminantly blacklisted items from application blacklist
  • Improved Bundle view developer button in now functions
  • Improved Bundle view descriptions support markdown
  • Improved Support for using the app in fullscreen
  • Improved Added progrees to downloads on bundle preview page
  • Improved Updated information regarding AMFI
  • Improved Updated SIP notification window

  • Removed Option for multiple sources
  • Removed Search bar from discover view
  • Removed Navigation bar from discover view
  • Removed Xcode Plugin template
  • Removed Demo Plugin
  • Download the latest release
  • Unzip the download if your browser does not do so automatically
  • Open MacForge
  • MacForge will ask to be moved to /Applications
  • MacForge will ask to install or update it's helper tools
  • If you want to load plugins into most applications Disable System Integrity Protection
  • Start installing and using plugins, themes and apps!