Downright amazing plugin manager for macOS

MacForge lets you discover and manage awesome plugins to enhance your macOS experience. There are dozens of plugins to discover and you can even create your own.

The selection of plugins offered through MacForge is always expanding so give it a try and find out what you've been missing!



  • 1. Download the latest release
  • 2. Unzip the download if your browser does not do so automatically
  • 3. Open MacForge
  • 4. MacForge will ask to be moved to /Applications
  • 5. MacForge will ask to install or update it's helper tools
  • 6. If you want to load plugins into most applications  Disable System Integrity Protection
  • 7. Start installing and using plugins, themes and apps!



  • Renamed application to MacPlus
  • New Icon
  • Mojave support
  • Switch from SIMBL to  mach_inject
    • Allows loading on Mojave (macOS 10.14)
    • Doesn't require SIP to be off to install helpers
    • Only requires SIP to be disabled if you want to load into Apple Applications
    • Requires SIP to be off to load into Apple Applications
    • Removed all SIP and System component warnings
  • SIMBLAgent (injector) is now the MacPlusHelper
    • Helper is now in charge of injection
    • Helper automatically tries to load new bundles when main app is closed
    • Helper checks for bundle updates in background
    • Helper can automatically keep bundles up to date
    • plugins won't automatically load if this isn't open
    • can be run via command line
      • ./MacPlusHelper -i BUNDLE_ID ---- injects into specific app
      • ./MacPlusHelper -u ---- updates all plugins
    • Menubar application
  • UI redesign
    • Redesigned to resemble Mojave App Store
    • Larger sidebar buttons
    • Larger window size
    • Window is now resize-able
    • Window uses system light / dark mode
    • Switch from colored circles to check boxes for toggles
    • Mojave Dark mode support
  • Manage view
    • Implemented search (name or bundle ID)
  • Discover view 
    • Renamed to `Changes`
    • Improved search (name or bundle ID)
  • System view
    • Removed SIMBL info
    • Added MacPlus info
    • Revised Blacklist view
  • About view
    • Shifted view to left
    • Added button to quickly start building a plugin in Xcode 
  • Added DockTilePlugin to show bundle updates in dock when app is closed
  • Included plugin with fixes for a few issues caused when plugins are loaded into Archive Utility and TextEdit
  • Automatically add Xcode template for making plugins
  • Fix some array out of bounds issues
  • Fix errors caused if plugin was in two locations
  • Fix launch at login bugs
  • Fix lag fetching bundle icons on Mojave
  • Faster startup
  • Bug fixes


  • Fix plugins not downloading from changes tab
  • Updates to System Info tab


  • Redesigned sidebar
    • Smaller buttons
    • Icons for each button
    • Buttons with views are moved to top
  • Redesigned Manage view
    • Manage view is now searchable
    • Reveal in Finder is now an eye icon
    • Trash now trashes in one click
    • Toggle between single and all users with person icon
    • Toggle between enabled and disabled with green/red circle icon
    • Add or Remove source view is now a child of main window
  • Redesigned Discover view 
    • Discover view now has subview  "Sources" view and "All Plugins" view
    • All Plugins is a combined list of all plugins from all repos
    • All Plugins is searchable
  • Bundle pages improved
    • Fix some title sizing issues
    • Extended description box to fill length of view
    • Fix Donate and Contact buttons being switched
    • Fix buttons getting stuck in on or off state
  • Redesigned SIMBL tab 
    • Renamed tab to System Info
    • Removed allow load in Xcode/Safari
    • Now has Apple Mobile File Integrity status
    • Now has toggle for Apple Mobile File Integrity
    • Both 'Apple Mobile File Integrity' and 'System Integrity Protection' must be disabled to allow loading into some apps like:
      • iTunes
      • Xcode
      • Safari
  • Better icon loading for plugins
    • Icons will use plugin image instead of Stock app icon if target app has no icon
    • More custom icons for stock apps without icons
  • Window now stays vibrant in background
  • Updating disabled plugins now properly updates the disabled plugin instead of installing the update in /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/
  • Updated mySIMBLFramework
  • Added mySIMBL to default SIMBLBlacklist (for safety)
  • Code clean
  • UI Adjustments
  • Bug fixes


  • Fixed issues with Xcode and Safari Tech Preview toggles
  • UI Adjustments
  • Bug fixes


  • Improved inject into all applications method
  • Improved locating of applications for SIMBL Blacklist
  • Improved launch time
  • Fix SIMBLAgent update/install failing when SIP is enabled
  • Fix System Integrity Protection status now displays properly
  • New default repo
  • New toggles allowing injection into Xcode and Safari Tech Preview
  • New button to uninstall SIMBL
  • DevMate integration
  • Bug fixes


  • Fixes 10.9 not setting up window
  • Fixes SIMBLAgent not automatically loading plugins


  • Fixes mySIMBLAgent crash


  • New  Updates tab
    • Update all plugins
    • Update individual plugins
    • New repo packages.plist format
  • New SIMBL tab
    • Show SIMBL status
    • Show SIMBLAgent status
    • Show System Integrity Protection status
    • SIMBL Blacklist
    • SIMBL Logging options have moved here
    • Load into all applications has moved here
  • Sources tab
    • Show checkmark for downloaded plugins (enabled and disabled)
    • Improved bundle page information
  • Sparkle 1.15.1
  • PFMoveApplication updated
  • UI Changes
  • Improve system app injection time
  • Improve injection method
  • Improve login item method
  • Fix bundle info not updating if a new version was installed
  • Fix window stuck floating after SIMBL update message
  • Fix SIMBL update window not showing the parent app
  • Fix warning logging
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


  • Fix SIMBLAgent crashing on 10.11 and below
  • Fix sources view navigation not working properly on 10.9
  • Fix missing sdef file in osax
  • Bug fixes


  • macOS 10.12 support
  • SIMBL Agent updated
    • SIMBL Agent moved to /Library/Application Support/SIMBL
    • Injects into root applications (Dock, Finder, Spotlight, etc)
    • Injects into apps that loaded before itself
  • Warning dialog for SIMBL updates
  • Warning dialog for System Integrity Protection
  • SIMBL updates handled by main app instead of helper
  • UI Changes
  • Removed WAYAppStoreWindow
  • Fixed not being able to toggle plugin if folder didn't exist
  • Fix admin script not running on 10.12
  • Bug fixes


  • New Icon
  • Much faster directory updates
  • Scan for Parasite bundles
  • Better version checking bundle updates
  • Altered tabs
  • Code sign fix
  • Bug fixes


  • New Icon
  • Better repo refreshing
  • UI Adjustments
  • Updated PFMoveApplication
  • Updated INAppStoreWindow
  • Updated Sparkle


  • Add / Remove sources
  • Better plugin pages
  • Repo sorted by package name


  • Sources view implemented 
    • One repo included
    • Basic repo implementation
    • Structure
      • Source View (Root)
        • Source Bundles
          • Bundle Page
  • UI adjustments
  • Code refactoring
  • Startup tab preference
  • Bundles use icon of first application in SIMBLTargetApplications if no icon provided
  • View source button in about page
  • Cells selectable in tables


  • UI adjustments


  • UI adjustments
  • Changed fonts
  • Almost all preferences working
  • Updated about page


  • UI adjustments
  • Inject into apps button
  • Preferences mostly complete
  • Delete bundle requires two clicks


  • UI Adjustments
  • Automatic updates via sparkle
  • Delete bundle (Trash can)


  • Helper agent
    • System Integrity Protection warning
    • Inject into system apps
    • Offers to move self to /Applications

Show bundle in Finder (Magnifying Glass)

  • Bundles will display custom icon if located in <bundle>/Contents/icon.icns
  • Easy bundle installation
    • Drag and drop install bundles in /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins
    • Open bundles with app to install in /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins
  • Show bundle developer page (Globe Icon)
    • plist value is string 'DevURL'
  • Toggle bundles between (Colored Circle Icon)
    • /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins
    • /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins (Disabled)
    • ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins (User only)
  • Watch for changes to
    • /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins
    • /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins (Disabled)
    • ~/Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins


- cDock requires macOS 10.10 and above

- Licenses are 2 uses each, 1 use per computer

- cDock requires System Integrity Protection be disabled on 10.14 and above

- cDock has a 2 week free trial

- Refunds are through paddle

- cDock uses the injection framework from mySIMBL


      • Discover

        • See what are the best current plugins
        • Discover, download and update plugins
      • Changes

        • Browse all existing plugins
        • Search for plugins (by name or ID)
        • Search individual repositories
        • Add or remove repositories
        • It's easy to host your own repository on GitHub
      • Manage

        • Delete plugins (Trash can)
        • Show plugins in Finder (Eye icon)
        • Enable/Disable plugins (Check box)
        • Toggle plugins between single user and all users (User icon)
        • Search for plugins (by name or ID)
        • MacPlus automatically detect existing plugins located in
      • Install plugins simply

        • Drag and drop plugins onto MacPlus to automatically install them
        • MacPlus can open files with the  .bundle extension to automatically install them
      • Stay up to date

        • Show plugin updates in the updates tab
        • Option to automatically keep plugins up to date
        • Updates are shown as a badge on the MacUpdate icon
      • Stay safe

        • Blacklist applications to avoid issues
      • And much more...