macEnhance and Apple Silicon

by Wolfgang BairdNov 27, 2020

What is new with Apple Silicon in relation to macEnhance?

Recovery Mode

To check startup disk, reinstall macOS, restore from a backup, change security settings

Press and hold the Power button until the display shows Loading Startup Options, then release it. This takes you to the Startup Options screen.

Select the Options icon, then click Continue underneath it.

Tools provided include:

  • Main window – Restore from Time Machine, Reinstall macOS, Safari, Disk Utility
  • Apple menu – Startup Disk, Restart, Shut Down
  • Utilities menu – Startup Security Utility, Terminal, Share Disk
  • Online help is available when you open Safari.

iOS Applications

A new feature of M1 machine is that they allow users to run iOS applications on their Mac.

At present if you disable System Integrity Protection you will be unable to launch iOS apps. It is unclear as of now if that is the intended behavior.

Code Injection

Currently we use the open source mach_inject project for loading our plugins. Updates will need to be made to this underlying injection system, beyond just re-compiling the code, to support M1 machines.

It is also possible extra protection has been built in but until we get our own M1 machines for testing we don't have much additional info.

What apps is this information important for?

This info is relevant for cDock, MacForge, DarkBoot and any of our other products that require modifications to System Integrity Protection in order to function.

Stay tuned for updates here or join the Discord for up to date information.