Recent Changes

 4.5.0    released on November 19, 2020

  • NewSupport for macOS Big Sur 11.0.1 public release
  • NewSupport for theming Empty / Full trash can
  • NewSupport for custom trash empty sound
  • ImprovedHelper will now only load the `cDock` and `_DockKit` bundles
  • FixedDock freezing when dragging items in Big Sur
  • FixedBadge color not updating instantly when changed
  • FixedIssues with full width dock being misaligned
  • FixedIssues with dock pinning being misaligned
  • FixedIndicators not adjusting when dock position is switched
  • FixedIndicator offset applying incorrectly
  • FixedFloating dock style alignment
  • FixedSome Dock crashes when switching themes
  • FixedCrash if 3D dock enabled and no recent item separator existed
  • FixedCustom indicators being located higher than previous versions
  • FixedHelper failing to load bundle in some cases
  • FixedBugs

 4.4.3    released on November 5, 2020

  • NewSupport for macOS Big Sur Betas 6 +
  • NewOption to set custom images for tiles (supports gifs)
  • NewOption to adjust indicator offset
  • ImprovedTile coloring is now a filter on the tile layer instead of coloring the tile image
  • ImprovedCustom background for left edge flips 180° when dock is set to right edge
  • ImprovedMinimized window dimming
  • FixedApp not auto-restarting dock when a new bundle was installed
  • FixedBug with injection causing crash on right click
  • Fixed"Click app Tiles to toggle hiding" on macOS 10.15 and below
  • FixedContinuity background hiding
  • FixedCrash when refreshing layers if a cached tile was missing
  • FixedCrash related to hiding running apps
  • FixedCrash related to fetching dock tile references
  • FixedCrash with continuity tile if reflections were disabled
  • FixedCrash if 3D dock enabled and no recent item separator existed
  • FixedCustom indicators being located higher than previous versions
  • FixedHidden apps sometimes leaving a straggler indicator
  • FixedIndicator layer drawing above tiles
  • FixedIssue where tile labels would sometimes show when disabled
  • FixedItems added to hidden icon list not applying until dock restart
  • FixedLag when blur reflections were enabled with mouse over magnification
  • FixedLicensing issues
  • FixedMemory leak with blurred icon reflections
  • FixedMemory leak with fetching dock tile references
  • FixedPreferences window tool-bar not displaying in some cases
  • FixedRecent item separator layer modification
  • FixedSmall memory leak with custom icon coloring

 4.1.0    released on August 09, 2020

  • NewInitial support for macOS Big Sur Betas 1 - 5
  • NewGUI Redesign
  • NewOption to apply a color filter to all icons
  • NewOption to blur icon reflections
  • NewOption to bounce icons on mouseover
  • NewOption to toggle dimming on mouseover
  • NewOption to brighten dimmed icons on mouseover
  • NewOption to remove separator layers
  • NewOption to allow Finder and Trash to be moved
  • NewOption to dim minimized windows
  • NewOption to click icons to toggle hiding
  • NewOption to toggle showing recent applications
  • NewmacOS Big Sur style Dock for older macOS versions
  • ImprovedSeparated some options from theme settings
  • ImprovedAllows partial enable of SIP
  • ImprovedInjection helper
  • ImprovedDock preference backups are now sorted
  • FixedDock crash loop on macOS 10.13 and lower
  • FixedRecents separator layer being hidden
  • FixedRecents separator layer not tilting when Dock was 3D styled
  • FixedTrash tile not showing badge after Dock restart
  • FixedGreatly reduced crashes when switching / editing themes
  • FixedStraggler indicators
  • FixedStraggler reflections
  • FixedIndicators not hiding with the Dock
  • RemovedDepreciated recents-tile option

 3.1.2    released on March 17, 2020

  • ImprovedUpdated helper to use XPC
  • FixedCrash related to showing mission control
  • FixedCrash when switching between themes
  • FixedCrash when closing dock folder views
  • FixedContinuity leaving behind reflection layer
  • FixedReflection layer flashing when mousing over with magnification enabled
  • FixedDock re-enabling process indicators
  • FixedSome cases of failing to load
  • FixedFailing to hide applications
  • FixedHelper crashing

 3.0.9    released on January 13, 2020

  • NewCatalina support
  • NewApplication is now notarized for Catalina
  • NewOption to hide background of Continuity Dock
  • NewSIP warning sheet
  • NewApplication design
  • NewActivations now work for all users of the same computer
  • ImprovedMojave support
  • ImprovedSwitched from SIMBL to Mach Inject for loading into Dock process
  • ImprovedSwitched back to Sparkle framework for updates
  • ImprovedUpdated version number to 3.x.x to match current branding
  • FixedLabel color on Catalina
  • FixedFolder background coloring on Catalina
  • FixedCrash if blacklisted item no longer exists
  • FixedPayment window not attached to main window
  • FixedStart at login issues
  • FixedMission control automatically showing desktop previews
  • FixedMission control automatically showing desktop previews
  • FixedBugs and added performance improvements
  • RemovedDevMate framework (product was discontinued)

 1.2.0    (version 2) released on September 29, 2018

  • NewBeta updates preference
  • NewBeta updates will be always enabled on beta versions of MacOS
  • NewAdded some retina themes (thanks to
  • NewBetter application hiding view
  • NewPurchases Tab
  • ImprovedNow using newer Paddle and Devmate frameworks
  • FixedApp repeatedly restarting when looking for an existing license
  • FixedFixes purchase and feedback windows in dark mode on Mojave

 0.12.4    (version 1) released on October 214, 2016

  • NewGUI written in Objective-C
  • NewMajor improvements